What does community mean to the existential humanist?  Certainly, we are not participating in an organized religion and are avoiding a typical structure, so how can we have a community?

Interaction with other humans no longer requires physical institutions.  The internet provides us with the ability to speak to virtually anyone in the world, and using free communications programs such as Skype we can also see them and video conference several people together.  Not having a physical structure has removed geography as a limitation.

The internet also enables us to ‘communicate’ (if you will) with people from history.  Just type in to Google or your favorite search engine what is on your mind such as Aristotle on spirit, or Plato on reality, for example, and you are connected with their words, along with other people’s help in interpreting what they mean.

The library of the world that is the internet is also an incredible time machine, enabling us to access all of the humanity that has come before us.  All from our chair.  Alone…yet connected.


I shall be posting to the existential humanist blog and look forward to the discussions that may result from my thoughts and observations.


I wrestled with creating a group but realized I wasn’t willing to make the commitment to maintaining it.  If anyone would like to create and maintain a group, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to include it on this site.